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Welcome to the Den





We want to showcase your music

We know it’s been a tough year.  We’ve

created The Den to make sure that 2021 is


With the immediate future of live concerts

in doubt, we want to help you stay

connected to your fans…and introduce new

people to your music

Your virtual concert will be live-streamed,

and you can interact with your fans during

question and answer segments.  Plus, your

fans will have a chance to virtually attend your shows, so that you’re not merely singing to cameras.  You’re seeing your fans reactions to your tunes.  That’s what live performance is all about:  playing for your fans and feeling their energy.  

Sound Equipment

Plus, this is NOT A PAY TO PLAY venue. In fact, you’ll get paid to play.  More so, if  our fans stay connected, you’ll get  continued to get paid even months after  your performance.  How are we doing this? We’re launching a weekly virtual concert series, and we’re creating a community of people:  music-lovers, concert-goers and  your fans.  When your fans sign up and pay to see your show, they become a part of the community, and have access to the weekly series.  You’ll get paid a portion of their subscription fee as long as they’ve signed up under you.  Now here’s an amazing part:  As long as they continue to pay the monthly subscription, you’ll get a portion of the fee. That’s right:  You play once, and if your fans remain a part of our community you will continue to receive payment.  We’ve created a way for you to earn residual income.

Plus, as the community grows, you can gain fans who will have otherwise never heard of you.  


The Den:  We’re doing what we can to support the musicians.

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